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Canada Accounting & Payroll Assistant

Canada Accounting & Payroll Assistant

Real Responsibilities:

Performs bookkeeping obligations particular to creditor liabilities and general record related capacities incorporating keeping up consistence with City arrangement and techniques

Gets ready record payables related archives, for example, Payment Requisitions, Purchase Order Amendments, and Contract Release Orders

Survey and process stopped reports, resolve seller receipt request and additionally perform products receipts passage for working/capital

Bolster Pcard process. To incorporate survey of pcard exchanges and endorsements utilizing SAP, guaranteeing corporate Pcard approach consistence

Gets ready money related data for Divisions, Provincial and Federal Governments, as required

Performs, keeps up and screens debt claims exercises, for example, MAP recuperations, and plans, audits, and posts diaries sections

Performs counts, gets ready supporting documentation and diary passages identified with period end collections. Enters diary vouchers into SAP

Surveys General Ledger use and income accounts, forms renaming and reallocation modifications, and accommodates uses

Gets ready explanations for answering to administration and divisions

Gives help on bookkeeping and money related issues to the divisions

Gives money related examination, claims and other data to the divisions

Makes specially appointed reports, as required

Liaises with Finance Department for preparing vouchers, recovering archives and managing other bookkeeping related issues

Screens Provincial resolutions and controls, City by-laws and additionally Council course, and understandings

Helps the City, Provincial and Federal Auditors

Helps entering timesheets in SAP for association representatives not in ESS/MSS framework

Reacts to enquiries in regards to finance and work force matters in ESS/MSS

Remedy pay data blunders in SAP dependent on Error Corrections report from PPEB

Help finance with conveyance and documentation of staffing matters identified with Extensions, Terminations, Leave of Absence, Incremental boost in salary, and Alternate Rate/Acting Assignment

Assembles finance related records from customers, performs figurings, settle issues and contributions to SAP different finance related information

Plans quarterly and yearly reports on debilitated bank/participation administration/get-away/additional time/lieu time adjusts/backup and callback use

Gets ready regularly scheduled finance reports for Division

Gets ready archives relating to the refreshing of finance records

Liaises with different offices, outside offices

Inquires about and settle different records payable related issues relating to doled out record portfolio

Gathers month to month insights relating to work action

Gets ready money related explanations and measurable information reports relating to departmental capital and current ventures

Surveys, examines and accommodates encumbrances, spending fluctuation reports and cost detail records identified with departmental capital and current tasks

Accommodates and screens capital/current undertakings and recuperations

Keeps up a Cost Control System including backup records identifying with departmental capital and current undertakings

Aggregates and sources of info every day timesheets into corporate finance/truant framework with respect to departmental cost focus changes, participation, WSIB, lieu time, extra minutes, acting pay, benefit pay, kilometers, stopping costs, repayment for dinner stipends, restorative notes. Gets ready and procedures work force documentation for representatives, rehires and cutbacks

Gets ready, keeps up and screens participation records for salaried and every other week representatives. Computes, checks and remedies qualification for get-away and wiped out bank credits. Plans synopsis sheets on extraordinary debilitated cases and specialist’s accreditation. Figures and screens lieu time

Confirms and circulates finance checks and makes plans for dropped/substitution checks

Computes and enters dollar alterations into informational collection for easygoing diversion finance. Checks for and relegates worker number to entertainment easygoing representatives and sorts staff record card

Key Qualifications:

Your application must depict your capabilities as they identify with:

Extensive finance/bookkeeping background identified with the real employment obligations typically obtained through blend of instruction (i.e. Enlistment in CPA Professional Education Program, Accounting Diploma) as well as handy work involvement in the bookkeeping field

Extensive involvement in metropolitan bookkeeping and finance related capacities

Extensive involvement in sorting out, breaking down and translating budgetary information and getting ready money related reports utilizing Microsoft Office (Excel and Word)

Involvement in the examination, examination and procedures identifying with records receivable, creditor liabilities, and general record

Involvement in money related data framework, for example, SAP or a comparable bookkeeping framework

You should likewise have:

Capability with Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Excel, and other electronic applications/frameworks

Learning of Employment Standards, Canada Pension Plan, Revenue Canada controls, Employment Insurance and WSIB enactment, as it applies to the corporate finance framework

Excellent investigative and critical thinking aptitudes and the capacity to work freely with negligible supervision

Capacity to work successfully as a feature of a group, and be receptive to associates in an expert way

Capacity to get ready and keep up exact and nitty gritty records and reports, and additionally the capacity to set up and keep up mechanized documents

Capacity to practice judgment and watchfulness in managing classified issues and data

Capacity to pursue headings quickly and precisely with tender loving care

Incredible relational and client benefit aptitudes with the capacity to create and keep up beneficial working associations with HR staff, customers, and representatives and to impart adequately both verbally and in composing, with all levels of staff, people in general and different divisions

Convenience: If you are a person who requires settlement, because of inability under the Ontario Human Rights Code, to apply for this position, it would be ideal if you email us at, citing work ID #2312926 and the activity characterization title. The City is focused on giving Code-secured convenience all through its employing procedure. If you don’t mind visit Hiring Policies and Statements for further points of interest.


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